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Media Spotlight : Forbes

Forbes logo article featuring TO112 products

The Best Travel-Friendly Clothing And Accessories To Pack On Your Next Spring Trip

After several long months of being pummeled by freezing weather and buried under heavy layers, we’re more than ready for spring. Because now, we finally get to switch out our wardrobes to lighter and brighter pieces, and get back on the road again.

But when it comes to packing for spring travel, we should strategize a bit and consider pieces that are versatile – so you can mix and match, and wear in more than one way – low maintenance, and last but not least, comfortable.

With that in mind, below is a list of the best travel-friendly clothing and accessories to pack on your trip.

TO112 Restore Silk Pillowcase, $150


While pillowcases aren’t traditional travel accessories, I do consider this one is essential wherever I go. The high-grade mulberry silk protects hair and skin against breakage and wrinkles, and regulates your body temperature all night long. But the biggest perk is the handy internal pocket holding a sachet lavender, which calms the central nerve system to help you sleep longer and better.

Read the full article here.