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Media Spotlight : Mane Addicts

Mane Addicts logo article featuring TO112 Fine Shampoo fir Oily Scalps

Nothing piques our interest quite like an unique haircare ingredient. So when a rep for the brand TO112 reached out about the brands line of hair products that feature tamanu oil, we had to learn more about the ingredient and all its hair benefits. We went straight to the source and spoke with TO112’s founder Luis Pacheco to learn about using tamanu oil for our hair. Below, Luis breaks down what the oil is, its biggest hair benefits, how to use it, and more. Happy scrolling!

What Is Tamanu Oil?

We always like to get a little additional background on what an ingredient is to round out our research. We don’t want to use something we don’t know anything about. And we certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending you to do the same. All that to say, Luis is here to fill us in on this magical oil.

“Tamanu oil comes from the nut of tamanu trees in tropical Asia,” he begins. “The oil is pure beauty magic. It’s been revered as a healing and beauty treatment in Polynesian countries for centuries.” Luis notes that because “tamanu oil has incredible healing and nourishing properties, it’s the perfect additive for beauty and hair treatments because of its deep penetrating and lightweight absorption, healing, and shine-inducing properties.” We’re already onboard!

Tamanu Oil Hair Benefits

The oil boasts a number of benefits, though we wanted to highlight some of its biggest ones.

1. It’s anti-inflammatory.

Being anit-inflammatory helps promote a better environment for hair to grow long and strong. “It calms the scalp as an anti-inflammatory and its antimicrobial properties mean hair follicles are healthy and unobstructed to grow the healthiest hair possible,” shares Luis.

2. It offers weightless moisture.

Many of us need more to give our hair more moisture, but we often neglet to do so because of how heavy moisturizing products can be. This is especially true if you have fine strands. The great thing about tamanu oil is that it offers a weightless moisture. “iI penetrates deep into the inner cortex of the hair to moisturize throughout the entire hair shaft,” Luis says.

3. It promotes shiny strands.

Want shinier strands? Of course you do, we all do. Tamanu oil can help with that as well. Luis mentions that “its light-reflecting properties make your hair positively brilliant with shine.”

4. It offers sun protection.

Above all else, the oil is also able to protect your strands from the sun. “Tamanu oil is naturally UV absorbent so it can protect your hair against sun damage,” notes Luis.

5. It can be used as a heat protectant.

Luis points out that “because of its high flash point, it’s an ideal defense against damage from hot tools and blow dryers.” We love an all-in-one product.

Which Hair Types Benefit the Most From It?

Often, certain hair ingredients work for some hair types better than others. We’re happy to report that’s not the case with tamanu oil, as it works for all hair types. Luis shares this is the very reason he included the oil in all of TO112’s haircare products.

“Coarse and dry hair types can particularly benefit from the penetrating moisture and smoothing effects of the oil,” he says. “Delicate hair types and people with sensitive skin and scalps should reach for tamanu oil-based products for their day-to-day hair routines because of its healing and nourishing properties.”

Are There Any That Should Avoid It?

While tamanu oil does work for all hair types, Luis mentions those with finer hair should be careful about using the raw oil directly on their strands. That being said, he does note “it’s so amazing for fine hair types when it’s formulated into fine hair specific shampoos and conditioners. It calms the scalp for optimal hair growth and conditions the hair without weighing it down.”

How to Incorporate Tamanu Oil Into Your Haircare Routine

One great thing about tamanu oil is that you can use it every day in your haircare routine. You don’t have to worry about overdoing it.

Luis shares the best way to incorporate the oil into your haircare routine is to use products that contain the oil. He mentions it can sometimes be labeled as “calophyllum inophyllum oil.”

Though the oil can be used on its own as a spot treatment for inflammation, Luis advises against it. “I don’t recommend using it on its own in your hair because it’s thick and a little goes a really long way so it’s easy to overdo it and end up greasy,” he shares. “Tamanu oil is really hard to work with as a single ingredient hair preparation, it would easily leave the hair slick and greasy if applied directly to the shaft.”

With the TO112 line of products, they “blend the tamanu oil into formulations for better viscosity to ensure it feeds the scalp and treats all the layers of the hair shaft from the cuticle to the medulla.”

Best Tamanu Oil-Based Products

As far as tamanu oil hair products go, the line from TO112 is your best bet. “Our Mega Moisture Mask is perfect for anyone with dehydrated hair, whether it’s naturally coarse, curly, or just dehydrated from indoor heating,” says Luis. “Ultimate Hair Cream and Hair Serum are great products to capture all the moisture, shine, UV, and heat protection benefits of tamanu oil.”