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Media Spotlight: StyleCaster

Style Caster TO112 shampoo vibrates love frequency
Love can come in all shapes and forms— yes, even in the form of your TO112 shampoo. While you might be wondering how this is possible? Rachel Krause sums it up perfectly in her Stylecaster article “Does the World Need a Shampoo that ‘Vibrates’ at the Frequency of Love”. Not only are our hair and body products made without harmful ingredients, they are also stored inside a vibrating singing room, tuned to the frequency of love. For those who aren’t down with the spiritual and holistic aspect of our products, worry not, our products do a lot more than soothe your soul. Take Rachel’s experience for example: “the shampoo produces an impressive lather, and the ‘consoling’ conditioner is surprisingly rich and hydrating yet doesn’t weigh my hair down. All good things.” And while she’s not sold on the effects of 528Hz she did love “them enough to add them to the exclusive lineup on my shower ledge”. So whether you’re seeking a spiritual shower experience or simply want to give your hair the attention it deserves, we suggest you try our TO112 hair and conditioner. If you’re still not sold, check out Rachel Krause’s article here.