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Scent Resurrected: 4 Reasons to Burn Incense

person worshipping at temple using incense
Another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer; and much incense was given to him, so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne. (Revelation 8:4)

Long embraced for its physical and psychological benefits in spiritual and religious practices, incense has roots that reach back to antiquity. For thousands of years, congregants and aesthetics have incorporated the scents of fragrant smoke in ceremonies and rites as sacrificial offerings to various gods and prayer aids.

In more recent times, incense has adopted a reputation for being a hippie-dippie air freshener, a stick that burns a perfumey plume that may or may not have any personal or environmental merits. Nevertheless, with more and more scent-seekers feeling scented-candle fatigue, incense is making a comeback. And with good reason!

Channelling the wandering Buddhist monks of 200 AD, the team at To112 has clocked hundreds of hours researching the vintage practices of ancient Egypt, China, India and the Middle East to uncover the potent healing qualities of incense. Hypnotic, cleansing and elevating, incense can inspire a greater consciousness and heightened well-being in all of us. Here’s how:

It inspires mood-lifting emotions: Different scents evoke different emotional responses. The lemongrass and sweetgrass in To112’s Invigorate Incense Sticks are known to cleanse and uplift energy.

It calms the nervous system: In a world of chaos, the cedar, sage and sweetgrass of To112’s Illuminate Incense Sticks enrobe you in a sacred moment of deep calm. Watch as its plumes stretch to all corners of the room without deference to time and space.

It heightens awareness: Like all rituals, the burning of incense requires intention as well as a time and a place to connect with one’s sense of smell. The wood, spice and flowers of To112’s Activate Incense Sticks promote moments of self love and introspection.

It promotes appreciation: As it burns from a whole entity to a scant pile of ashes, the true lesson of incense is to be mindful of life’s fleeting nature. To112’s Love Incense Sticks fill the air with jasmine, lavender and amber, stimulating memories of the past and acceptance of the future.

This week, take a few moments to lose yourself in the generous scents of the earth. If your mind wanders, kindly bring it back to your original intention. Inhale, exhale and enjoy.