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person holding bunch of dried lavender with one hand

The Science of Scent

Written by TO112 Expert

There’s something in the air! Perfume, a juicy fruit, the new book or new car smell–it’s everywhere. Some scents are so sickly sweet they give you a headache. Some scents make you fall in love.

The science of scent is scientific and emotional. Read on to learn more about scent and how to use it to kick start creativity, shift your mood, or physically relax you.

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TO112 Palo Santo candle on white background

How To Care For Your TO112 Candle

Written by TO112 Expert
No matter which TO112 candle is chosen, you will bring mystery, beauty and sensual quiet to your space, naturally. 
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Redbook magazine TO112 jasmine lavender and amber incense

Media Placement: Redbook Magazine

Written by TO112 Expert
Redbook Magazine recently highlighted the Jasmine, Lavender and Amber incense in their collection...
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person worshipping at temple using incense

Scent Resurrected: 4 Reasons to Burn Incense

Written by TO112 Expert
Long embraced for its physical and psychological benefits in spiritual and religious practices, incense has roots that reach back to antiquity.
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incense burning to112 a brief history of incense

Incense: A Brief history

Written by TO112 Expert
The word incense is derived from the latin word 'incendere', which translates as "to burn".
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