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Incense: A Brief history

incense burning to112 a brief history of incense
The word incense is derived from the latin word 'incendere', which translates as "to burn".

Incense initially originated in ancient Egypt, making its way to the Greek and Roman empires, then through the Indus civilization and ancient China.

Did you know? 14th century 'shogunate' (samurai) warriors would perfume their helmets and armor with incense to achieve an aura of invincibility.

According to this scientific study, it was found that the pleasant scent of burning incense has been found to increase the brain’s alpha waves and aid in dissociating the mind from the body, as a form of relaxation.

Burning incense is a beautiful way to enrich your environment and spiritual practice; it is formed from essential oils and fragrant plant materials that demolish any unwanted scents.

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