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Tamanu Oil: Why Has It Been So Highly Regarded Amongst Tahitian Women?

TO112 balanced shampoo and balanced conditioner TO112 hair serum made with tamanu oil

Tamanu oil is the foundation of our hair-care line (cleanse, condition and console are all produced upon the basis of tamanu oil).

Tamanu is a tree originating from tropical Asia which can be found in wet, tropical forests in Africa, East India, Thailand, and Indochina and more specifically in Polynesia. The oil has been used by Tahitian women for decades as it promotes shinier, healthier hair. It can be applied directly or in combination with oil, it is lightweight and absorbed quickly.

Tamanu nourishes and moisturizes the scalp before or after washing the hair, and can be used on a regular basis.

Tamanu oil is a remarkable topical healing agent with;

Skin healing, anti-neuralgic (relieves nerve pain), anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial (demolishes and inhibits micro-organisms) and it possesses antibiotic/antioxidant it’s regenerative properties make it the oil to reach for when trying to recover from hair loss or damaged hair and scalp.

Other conscious ingredients in our hair-care line:
Wheat proteins
Amino acids
Coconut oil
Jojoba oil