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Shower Zen

Dr Masaru Emoto power of water TO112 love frequency
It has been long believed that water possesses the incredible power of absorbing and transmitting information/ emotion. Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiments in the 90's was a watershed moment. For more information on this groundbreaking series of experiments, watch this. (Highly Recommended)

If you trust this belief, then the precious moments during the morning shower when we are literally within water, could be used to re-calibrate. For this, TO112 is here to help.

The TO112 hair and body products are infused with the healing properties of two powerful and potent crystals: hair - aquamarine, and body - emerald. The value of the crystal energy infusion is one that is well promoted, as the foundation concept of the TO112 brand is the manifestation of energy and healing (of course, and producing a superior product with optimal results.)

TO-8However, what isn't highlighted is the products exposure to sound therapy. After an initial ceremony performed by a sacred sound master, the TO112 hair and body products are stored in a space that is continuously exposed and charged with healing sound vibrations. It is through these vibrations that the positive information (energy) is stored, and are passed on during use of the product.

During your zen shower, take a few minutes to focus on the aroma of the products, the sound of the water and the feeling of using the shampoo. Disengage from daily stresses and free your mind to only be fixated on the sensation of the shower.