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Expert Advice from TO112 Founder Luis Pacheco on the Curl Next Door Podcast

Luis Pacheco TO112 Founder Curl Next Door Podcast Magic 4 Potion

Finding the perfect hair care products for your specific needs can be challenging, which is why seeking guidance from industry experts is crucial. Recently, Luis Pacheco, the founder of TO112, shared his expertise on the Curl Next Door podcast.

Curl Next Door is a podcast hosted by Stephanie Podolak and Tamara Robbins Griffith celebrates and empowers individuals with natural hair and curls. It creates a supportive community where people can come together, share personal experiences, and learn from one another. The podcast's commitment to fostering a sense of community and providing a platform for individuals to share their stories sets it apart. It offers a space for learning, growth, and inspiration while embracing natural hair.

In the season three finale episode of Curl Next Door, hosts Tamara and Stephanie welcome Luis for an inspiring conversation on hair care and the industry.

Throughout the episode, Luis shares his personal journey in the beauty industry, including some celeb encounters and an unfortunate perm mishap inspired by New Kids on the Block. His wealth of knowledge and expertise takes center stage as he emphasizes the importance of using the right products for optimal hair care outcomes. He shares his tips for understanding your hair type and specific requirements before selecting the appropriate products.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the introduction of the Magic 4-Product Potion, comprised of four essential products from the TO112 range.

Magic 4 Product Potion

  1. Biotin Shampoo: Designed to strengthen and add volume to the hair, this shampoo reduces hair loss and promotes healthy growth.

  2. Conditioner for Fine Hair: This lightweight conditioner provides moisture and nourishment without weighing down fine hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable.

  3. Sea Salt Serum: Perfect for achieving effortless beachy waves, this serum adds texture and volume to the hair while protecting it from humidity.

  4. Dry Texture Spray: Offering texture, grip, and a natural-looking hold, this spray is ideal for creating undone, tousled hairstyles.

Luis suggests using these four products in a specific order that follows the TO112 hair care routine to achieve the best results possible.

TO112's Commitment to Quality

TO112 sets itself apart from other hair care brands with its unwavering commitment to quality and innovative solutions. As a renowned expert in the beauty industry, Pacheco's dedication to utilizing natural and organic ingredients ensures that the products deliver exceptional results without compromising hair health.

Whether you struggle with fine hair, oily scalps, or lack of volume, TO112 offers effective products designed to transform your hair. For more hair care tips and product recommendations, be sure to follow Luis Pacheco on Instagram @luiscolourist.