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Award Winner : Bustle

Bustle most wanted awards TO112 anti-humectant spray for best humidity shield 2022

There’s nothing quite like stepping outside to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin — especially after a long winter (and a temperamental spring). The only problem? Actually, there are several: The humidity, for one, which is public enemy number one for your hair. Then there’s sweat, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the makeup you just applied. Sure, beach hangs and dips in the pool are a major perk of the season... but they’re all fun and games until you come home to witness a brassy hue to your hair color or that you’ve missed a spot when applying sunscreen. Needless to say, summer beauty products are quite necessary to keep these next couple of months from sabotaging your lewk.

As great as beach days are, spending long days under the sun and splashing in salt water can create some logistical challenges for your hair. Enter your new fave beach bag must-haves, like a scalp SPF mist that prevents hair color from fading and a tropically scented texture spray that promises the dreamiest beach waves.

The Humidity Shield For Your Hair

Humidity is a summertime villain for many reasons, but mostly because of what it can do to the hair. If you spend hours perfecting your hairstyle only to walk outside and have it immediately resemble that of an 18th-century composer, listen up. This anti-humectant spray goes on invisible, is lightweight, and protects your strands from the elements by sealing the hair cuticle. That’s largely thanks to the ingredient tamanu oil, which hydrates and strengthens hair while promoting its natural sheen.

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