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Proud Friend of a Recent Grad? Say 'Congrats' With 30 Graduation Gift Ideas 

Cue the Vitamin C “Graduation” song—your friend is graduating! If your BFF is days away from earning their diploma or degree—shout-out to the class of 2022!—it calls for a celebration. After all, graduations are a milestone and it’s important to show your pals just how proud you are. Wondering how? With an absolutely awesome graduation gift, of course.

20. Better Bundle, $54 at TO112


Who would ever say no to a sustainable haircare routine? The Better Bundle from TO112 is just the thing to get them more excited about their hygiene (and haircare). Featuring a bamboo hair wrap and natural wheat straw shampoo brush, using both post-shower results in shinier, healthier, frizz-free hair. Perfect for the dorm or at home!

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