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Media Spotlight : Style Lugo

Style Lugo logo article featuring TO112 shampoo

Hair Products For Men That Are Beneficial For Hair And Scalp Health

When I write about the importance of hair products for men I prefer to focus on looking professional during office-hours. The truth is, when you keep your hair refreshed and revitalized, you’ll have healthier hair. And healthier hair styled professionally will ignite your self-confidence at work.

An abundant number of American men still feel shy about putting effort into their hair products. In fact, most men simply use what they find available in the shower. But there’s the catch. Hair and scalp conditions, such as dandruff and dermatitis, are common and irritating. Therefore, it’s very important that you take the time to find the right products for your hair needs.

If your aim is to look sharp during office-time, then my advice to you is to look into the best dandruff-busting, natural ingredients and high-quality shampoos for men. I advise you to look for a formula that is made from nourishing ingredients, such as plant proteins and extracts, as these are especially beneficial for maintaining and improving your hair and scalp health. You see, American men do need to care for their hair and scalp, but more often than not, they are still using shampoos that are not appropriate for them. Sadly, this often leads to poor hair quality and dry scalp. And with dry scalp comes dandruff. Nevertheless, these issues won’t be a problem if you are using the best shampoo for men.

If you are looking for men’s daily shampoo that will revitalize your hair, I have got some winners for you. Even for the busiest of men, using a quality shampoo will not only make your hair look better; it will make it feel better and will be easier to maintain. For example, Fellow Barber’s Winter Wash keeps hair and scalp healthy through cleansing with essential oils and no harsh detergents involved, Hims Minoxidil has been proven to help regrow hair to feel thicker, fuller, and healthier and SACHAJUAN’s Silk and Thickening Technology makes your hair become healthier and shinier.

With these guidelines in mind, my grooming editor Pasquale Suriano and I have simplified the selection process for you with our reviews of shampoos for men in 2022. Regardless of your hair type, a quality men’s shampoo from our list will clean your hair and scalp, and help you achieve a look of strength, power and a hefty dose of self-confidence.


TO112’s Shampoo for Fine Hair is the perfect blend of honey, sweet almond oil, and tamanu oils that … [+] COURTESY OF TO112

TO112—TO112, is an honest, conscious lifestyle brand designed for the greater good! Embracing a holistic approach to beauty, their unique range of products nurtures hair, body, and surrounding space. Their product offerings are not only your key to a good hair day every day, but they also are made with good energy! Products are charged with a potent sound frequency, 528 Hz, known as the frequency of love, which encourages DNA repair, improving health as it brings balance and love to the body with every use. Yup, you read that correctly, so maybe that’s their secret? The brands popular, Shampoo for Fine Hair is a balancing blend of tamanu oil and amino acids revitalize hair and scalp while providing a pleasant thorough clean. Safe for use on keratin-treated and color-treated hair. $24.00 – 8oz/240mL // $96.00 – 32oz/950mL

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