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Sweety High Logo Tamanu Oil article featuring TO112 products

Everything You Need to Know About Tamanu Oil, According to an Expert

When it comes to trending ingredients in the beauty world, we like to be the first to tell you all about them.

And the latest one we think everyone is going to be everywhere is tamanu oil. It's different than other hair oils you're used to and does so much more for your hair health than you'd expect. We took it to Luis Pacheco, the founder of TO112 and a celebrity haircare expert, and he gave us all the ins and outs of tamanu oil. 

Sweety High: What is tamanu oil?

Luis Pacheco: Tamanu oil is cold-pressed from the tamanu tree nut. The tamanu tree originates from tropical Asia, which can be found in wet, tropical forests in Africa, East India, Thailand, Indochina, and more specifically in Polynesia. The oil has been used by the people of French Polynesia forever as it promotes shinier, healthier hair. It can be applied directly or combined with other oils; it is lightweight and absorbs quickly. All of the liquid TO112 products in the hair and body care collections are based on tamanu oil as the key functional ingredient to heal and nourish the hair and body. Its skin healing, anti-neuralgic (relieves nerve pain), anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial (demolishes and inhibits micro-organisms), antibiotic/antioxidant, and regenerative properties make it the oil to reach for when trying to recover from hair loss or damaged hair and scalp.

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