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Media Spotlight : The Everygirl

The Every Girl logo article featuring TO112 Superior Blowout Mist and TO112 Mega Moisture Mask

Written by Jacqueline DeMarco for The Everygirl

Once I accepted that I couldn’t master trendy hairstyles, I decided to focus on what worked for me. I didn’t want stick-straight hair. Instead, I wanted my natural texture to be a little smoother and frizz-free. And, of course, I wasn’t going to set foot near a curling iron. So, where did that leave me? The bouncy, shiny ’90s at-home blowout.

With a ’90s-inspired blowout, there is no pressure to perfect a curl. There’s also no need to get every piece of hair stick straight. Right after I learned how to style my hair this way, it started to trend on social media. So I talked to NYC-based hair stylist and bridal specialist Lauren Baxter. We discussed how to master the ’90s blowout at home, so you can save on visits to the salon.

Step 1: Get the right base

The products you use to prepare your hair before blowing it out are an important step you can’t skip, Baxter notes. I get a headstart in the shower by using the TO112 Mega Moisture Mask to make my hair look as healthy as possible. Extra moisture is a must-have for my frizzy hair. So, it’s worth it for me to splurge on a good moisturizing mask to use on my styling days. Once I’m out of the shower, I absorb some moisture using a hair towel similar to this Crown Affair hair towel. Then, I use the TO112 Superior Blowout Mist to protect my hair and fight humidity.

Baxter also recommends using a great smoothing serum, such as the Luseta Argan Oil Hair Serum, to help moisturize and eliminate frizz. So, I recently added that serum to my routine. It helped me get that extra bit of shine and smoothness.

Read the full artcile here.