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Media Spotlight : The Kit

The Kit logo article featuring TO112 Collagen Mask transition to grey hair
Embracing silver *without* the awkward in-between stage
sk The Kit is the real-talk advice column you never knew you needed. Every week, writer Leanne Delap answers your pressing beauty and style questions. How can I deal with frizz? Where can I find good plus-size clothes? What are my breast-lift options? Send your Qs to
“I’m inspired to let my hair go grey. I have no idea where to start, though. What are my options to make the transition?”—Silver Curious in Midtown
To grey or not to grey is a big question right now. I look in awe at friends and colleagues who put the isolation the pandemic offered to good use, taking the opportunity to get past the awkward re-growth stage of going grey in private.
I truly love and wholeheartedly support the grey hair movement, even as I remain firmly on the fence myself: Because freedom of choice is the real issue. I’m comfortable being in the vanguard on certain things (I had kids younger than my friend group; I also had more than my share of marriages back when only Liz Taylor was doing that), but as for my hair, it has remained steadfastly the same for lo these many decades.
Going grey shows a tremendous amount of confidence and comfort in yourself, both things I admire and aspire to. So, Silver Curious, I am delighted to take on your question, because examining how things could work is the first step to making any big life decision. I reached out to the star colourist who “did” the grey transition for an editor whose look I adore. Luis Pacheco is the founder of Medulla & Co, and creator of the TO112 (pronounced “two one two two”) haircare line.
Homework is critical, too, says Pacheco. This is a major life transition and a sizeable investment of both time and money. “Clients who are very serious about hair health get the most out of their investment,” he says. “It is like buying an expensive garment, and dry cleaning the silk shirt that says ‘dry clean only.’”
Pacheco describes the whole process as a bit of science, a bit of guesswork, a bit of praying, and a whole lot of confidence—on the part of the client, that is. In making that decision to go grey, “you are part of a category: the grey-haired person. You are showing you have the confidence to carry it, as opposed to colour carrying you. You are saying, ‘I am okay in my natural state.’”
A good hair dresser should support you in getting to that point and feeling like the best version of yourself, whether it’s by cheating your natural dark-to-light ratio or tweaking your grey to better suit your skin tone. “Nature doesn’t always get it right,” says Pacheco. But an expert colourist can.
Strengthen your strands in just three to five minutes after every wash. The hero product from Pacheco’s own haircare line is formulated to revive damaged hair. 
Read the full article here.