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Texas Hair: The Biggest Trend, Literally

Texas Hair: The Biggest Trend, Literally

We’re bucking the sleek, straight hair, and all about going bigger and bolder than ever before. Synonymous with the Lone Star State, the Texas hair trend is capturing the hearts of tastemakers worldwide.

The resurgence of Dolly Parton’s Texas hair gained traction when we saw Miley Cyrus rock her 70’s inspired blowout, then again when Beyoncé sported the look during her appearance at the Super Bowl earlier this year - and basically nonstop since launching Cowboy Carter.

What Is Texas Hair?

Texas hair taps into the Southern aesthetic, reminiscent of states like Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Alabama, known for their big and bouncy hair. An infusion of '70s and '80s influences gives the Texas hair trend an added retro flair. It boldly embraces the country-cowgirl energy and stands in contrast to the more understated hair looks that have dominated social media platforms to date.

What sets the Texas hair trend apart is not just its visual appeal but also the empowering message it sends. This trend encourages you to break free from societal norms, celebrate your unique beauty, and express yourself with uninhibited flair. Whether you opt for loose, tousled waves or gravity-defying curls, Texas hair allows you to embrace your individuality and let your hair be a true reflection of your limitless personality.

Dolly Parton: The Pioneer of Texas Hair

One cannot discuss the Texas hair trend without acknowledging the legend herself, Dolly Parton. Her impact on the Texas hair trend cannot be overstated, known for her larger-than-life persona and signature hairstyle, Dolly has long been an inspiration for hair enthusiasts for decades. The gravity-defying voluminous locks, combined with beautiful curls and cascading waves, have become an iconic part of her image and pay homage to her Southern roots. With her unmistakable Texan flair, Dolly set the stage for the resurgence of this trend, cementing it as a symbol of confidence and self-expression. Her fearless embrace of larger-than-life hair sends a powerful message, encouraging individuals to celebrate their uniqueness and unleash their inner boldness.

It is no wonder that Dolly Parton's Texas hair has set the stage for the resurgence of this trend.

Miley Cyrus: A Contemporary Twist

Miley's Texas hair is a contemporary twist on the classic look, with her unique take on the trend showcasing a more laid-back, effortless 70’s vibe. She has been seen embracing big,  windswept loose curls and tousled waves, creating a look that is both relaxed and eye-catching.

Beyoncé: Reigniting the Flame

In 2024, the Texas hair trend witnessed a remarkable revival when global superstar Beyoncé stunned audiences with an unforgettable look during her electrifying Super Bowl performance. Queen Bey's larger-than-life cascading curls captivated the world, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Texas glamour and poise. 

In the wake of Beyoncé's Texan hair resurgence, the trend experienced a cultural renaissance, inviting individuals to step into their power and embrace the bold, larger-than-life curls that have come to symbolize the Texan spirit.

How To Get Big Texas Hair:

Dust off your grandma’s roller set, we’re going old-school glam. As Dolly says, the higher the hair, the closer to God. Start by prepping your hair with Superior Blowout Mist and Curl Mousse, and blowdry into your hair by 60%, focusing on your roots by redirecting in the opposite direction for built-in volume. Next, take your Sea Salt Serum spray midshaft to ends, and use your round brush to finish drying your hair. 

Working in sections, use either your flat iron or curling iron and make your way around your whole head starting from the nape. After each section is curled, use a Velcro roller and pin each piece before moving on to the next section. Let your hair set in the rollers for 15 minutes. Remove and very gently brush out the curls, spray some Strong Hold hairspray and you’re off to the rodeo!

Fear of heights? Texas hair doesn’t have to be big for it to be bold. If the bouffant isn’t your thing, create volume on the sides for a windswept look. Be sure to zhuzh your ends with Dry Texture Spray.